This is Part II of a series focused on our NEW service process and why we changed it. We made the announcement last week: Bye Bye Proposals. Hello Brand Roadmap!

In today’s world, we are learning new ways of doing business every day. Admitting that we might not know about your situation is an essential first step to do the work right.

Brand Roadmap is the diagnostic phase in our process, a 3-hour in person interview with the stakeholders. During the interview, we uncover deep and broad information about your business that allows us to understand the real challenge and draw a plan that’ll reach your goals.

A precise diagnosis is the key to success for every project.

A powerful brand boosts your business growth with: an inspirational statement of your purpose that draws people to you, the differentiation of your offerings, company culture that attracts and guides employees, the look and feel of the designs, and the words and phrases you use in marketing and sales channels.

All the above combined are the reasons why people choose you over your competitors.

It comprises these elements:

  1. Brand promise –business purpose
  2. Positioning – differentiation of your offerings in the market place
  3. Brand values –company culture to attract and retain employees
  4. Brand personality –naming, tagline, tone of voice and visual identity
  5. Brand messaging – a communication system across all channels

Figuring out what you need right now is a critical step in building such a brand. It takes both experience and time to achieve the clarity and the depth of information we need, and it’s our job to warm you up with right questions and help you get there.

We interview you with a long list of questions on the following:

  1. Business goals & project goals
  2. Current customer segments & target customer segments
  3. Channels to reach them
  4. Offerings
  5. The benefits of your products or services
  6. Competitive landscape

This process is designed to collect information systematically. There are no guessing, rough estimates or the BS.

With this approach, we don’t just draft a proposal based on what you think you need. Instead, we are able to recommend what you truly need to hit your goals.