Like other agencies in town, when there is a new project, we would meet with the potential clients for an hour, a free consultation. Maybe a few emails or phone calls followed afterwards. Then we sent out a proposal with our best guess and crossed our fingers hoping to win the project.

We have decided not doing that anymore. It's because:

  1. One hour and a few emails/short conversations are just not enough to understand your business in depth. Period!
  2. When we don’t understand your business thoroughly, we are not equipped to articulate the challenges you are facing and propose solutions that will get the results you want.
  3. When solutions are not clear, the steps leading to the results are unclear.

We're not happy with the results from this process, so we changed it to better serve you. We now offer Brand Roadmap, the first step in our NEW process for everyone who wants to work with us.

  1. The Brand Roadmap is an in-depth 3-hour interview that allows us to fully understand your business, key issues and vision. This is a necessary step that brings clarity for both of us on your business and brand goals.
  2. After the interview, you will receive a Brand Roadmap brief including our recommendations and a step-by-step plan to hit the goals.
  3. You know an exact price for the 2nd step in our process, called Brand Build. We implement the plan from the Brand Roadmap in this phase, and develop your brand from strategy to messaging, naming, logos and websites.
  4. You’ll be super clear about the scope of work included in Brand Build with details on execution and list of deliverables.

This first step, Brand Roadmap, is $1250, and it will be applied towards your Brand Build package.

In case you change your mind about working with us, you can stop after the Brand Roadmap phase. No problem. We designed the process to be flexible, efficient and effective to achieve the success that both of us want.

Still have questions about whether we will be a good fit? Let’s have a brief chat to see if a Brand Roadmap makes sense for you.