You can build a website on your own, and many people do.

Anyone can write a blog as long as you know how to write.

You have learned effective ways to reach your customers. But the important questions still remain: what are you going to say on your website, newsletter or social media to grow your business? How about to your internal team?

Messaging is a challenge for many, and we are here to help.

What is messaging?

Brand messaging is a communication system.

Messaging is not just words, nor phrases or website copy, yet they are only a very small part of a messaging system.

It comprises 3 parts:

1: Theme ---> 2: Matrix --->3: Tailoring (words/copy)

The common misunderstanding is that messaging is only the last part, the tailoring.

Messaging Theme is the statement of your purpose – "The Why".

It’s the promise you make to your customers/potential customers every time they come in contact with your brand through the experiencing your products or services. The brand promise is the beacon of your entire business that guides your messaging system through the mix of communication channels to reach the internal and external audiences.

Messaging Matrix: "The What, For Who & The How"

It comprises 3 parts: your offerings, target audiences and the most effective and efficient channels to reach them.

Messaging Tailoring

It is the specific message tailored based on the matrix.

What does a good messaging system look like?


Businesses big or small should have an inspirational statement as their brand promise.

My favorite example is Nike’s: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world” (* If you have a body, you’re an athlete). I’m a big fan of HIIT class. Looking for a good pair of shoes just for that has been challenging because the shoes have to do multiple jobs to earn my trust, and my purchase. The closest ones used to be cross-training shoes. Now Nike has made their first pair of shoes just for HIIT class. This is why businesses should live and breathe their promise. It is the core driving force in business excellence that continuously attracts customers and guides the internal teams.

We all need an inspiration to move forward and upward.


A compelling copy is clear, laser-focused and benefits-driven. It's so addictive that people can't stop reading it and begging for more. This is only possible to achieve when you have an effective messaging system in place.

If a good strategy is the key to brand a business, the effective messaging system is the key to achieve your business goals.


Developing a lexicon for your product or service and consistently using them through all channels not only prove that you are an established brand, but also that your messaging system is designed with intention.

It is equally important to test your website copy, blurbs on social media and elevator pitch. Keeping track and measuring the results are crucial to your marketing success.


The messaging system is vital in producing measurable business results. Using a promotional landing page as an example, your copy either encourages visitors purchase the service or product or repels them immediately.

If you have a compelling service or product that people rave about through word of mouth but your website or landing page doesn’t generate much business, it’s the messaging system that needs work. We suggest returning to the theme, and go from there.