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Brand Essentials

Whether you’re new or need a change, these essentials impact your brand for years. They should support your brand’s higher purpose and help your team do their jobs with more ease. 

How Brand Essentials Work

Well-crafted fundamentals position you for a solid future.

a. Naming

Naming is a process for choosing how to represent the first verbal and visual interaction with your brand. Choosing a name demands feats of creativity, patience, diplomacy and compromise. 

b. Logo

Your logo is your brand's flag—the universal symbol of who you are and what you stand for. While just one part of a visual system, it's the most recognizable part of your identity. 

c. Messaging

When your brand opens it mouth, let us help you speak with precision and honesty in a voice that’s true to you.

d. Visual ID System

Color, type, photography, pattern, iconography—it’s your brand's wardrobe. We make sure it elevates the experience.