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When we truly understand the problem, the solution becomes simple. I approach every project with a deliberate intent to uncover the single core big idea. Only then can we build something enduring.  

At a glance


  • Discipline: Creative Strategy
  • My 10,000 hours: Cooking, Furniture Design & Building
  • My 3 words: Deliberate, Archeologist, Paterfamilias
  • Retrospective: 3 Agencies, 4 Businesses Owned, 1 Startup
  • Industry expertise: Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Sports, Tech

Influential objects

First Grade Chinese Book: I brought this with me from China when I immigrated to America. It's a reminder  to learn to write Chinese.

Book of Bamboo: I’m drawn to painting this way because with just black ink, water and paper you can create highly emotional and atmospheric results. And to do it well requires you to completely visualize the final composition and plan each stroke’s pressure and speed before you lay it down on paper.

Monkey String Toy: My current interest, designing and making wood toys. It satisfies my need to make things with my hands and still serve a function.  

Work & Words

Nobody says it better