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Brand Strategy

Great brands serve a higher purpose. They align logical objectives with the emotions that people want to feel. To us, brand strategy is the discipline of orchestrating that feeling. Consider it an investment in your business strategy.

Brand Strategy Graphic

When you balance logic and passion, the direction becomes clear.

How it works

At its most basic, brand strategy is a framework for how to act. Our process aligns your company’s goals, values and unique assets with your people’s needs and wants.

We employ the following steps to create, test and validate our recommendations.


Clarity Work Graphic

a. Brand Clarity Work Sessions

These structured working meetings capture baseline assumptions about your business model and the value you create for customers, employees and investors.


Research Graphic

b. Research

Using a variety of methodologies, we test our assumptions about your customers, the marketplace and your culture.



c. Positioning & Messaging

Positioning is the real estate your brand owns in your customer’s mind. The more it speaks to the problems you solve, the more memorable & useful it will be.


Brand Framework

d. Brand Framework

This is the skeleton of your brand, a distillation of the necessary research and observation about your company, market and audience into a succinct overview. It's your roadmap to internal consensus.

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