The world is upside down. For some businesses, it’s the time to continue doing what they have been doing, but for many like us, it’s the time to change.

If you are in service industry, this is an opportunity to redefine the service and give it a new meaning. Maybe it should have been this way all along, but it’s especially true right now: we are here to serve rather than selling a service.

Serving is listening actively to clients’ challenges and needs, which maybe completely different from what we used to know. Serving means we haven’t figured out what to do with new challenges and situations, but we know how to do certain things even they are small, and are willing to do just that. Serving also means we are honest about what we don’t know but are determined to figure it out with you.

With all these changes, one thing that hasn’t changed is our purpose: helping you to create the change you want to see and amplify your impact in the world, and it is much needed now than ever.

Our service process prior COVID-19 is no longer working to tackle today’s challenges. Instead we are combining the traditional strategy process with storytelling skills and serving you in a new way: brand story + design. Design has always been a part of our DNA, and the strategy now is how we tell your story. Steve Jobs once said, “The most powerful person in the world is the story teller”. I’d say the most powerful brands in the world are the ones that tell better stories.

When you tell a compelling story to the audience you seek to reach and resonate, you are leading and inspiring people in this new world we live in.