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Everyone likes food and lots of people love it—we're a group of the later. Thanks to Peter Miller's book Lunch at the Shop, and our fondness for time spent bullshitting together, we've begun an unstoppable tradition of cooking a team lunch every Monday.

It goes like this: we take turns cooking, we've got a spending limit, we try and keep it simple but we never do. We try not to talk about work—but we don't police the conversation. Reoccurring topics are movies, art, politics, ballet, cute-kid-stories and of course, food. We invite our freelance colleagues and clients, and they seem to like it, too. Wanna stop by for home cooked (kinda) lunch? Be a guest cook? Just tell us when, we'd love it.

Dish By Henry
Dishes by Henry
Lunch at the office meals 2
Sammich and guac by Hannah, pulled pork by Andre, The Sauce Man
lunch a the office meals 4
Dishes by Britt
Lunch At The Office Meals 4
Waffles by Steph, sammiches by Andre, The Sauce Man
Lunch At The Office Meals 5
Dishes by Hannah

We'd love to lunch with you. Come visit.

Stephanie Downes


Stephanie Downes is our Producer and Project Manager. She'll be the most efficient person you've ever worked with, focused on finishing your project on time and on budget.

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