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Oomph [oo mf] n. 1. A quality that makes something attractive or appealing. 2. Power or energy. 3. Punch; vitality. 

We know from many non-profit executives that their design work is done on a very strict budget, often times in-house or by a volunteer.

When you're tasked with balancing administrative expenses against program costs, it's hard to justify the financial resources needed to make your design sing. All too often then, a non-profit's mission and purpose are substantial, yet their design lacks oomph. This is where we come in. 

You bring the mission, we deliver the oomph. #oomphaward

Here at States of Matter, we believe strategic design has the power to raise an organization's profile. It elevates public perception, leading to an increase in contributions and volunteering. 

Design, branding, and content working together in harmony inspires people to take action.

Introducing the Oomph Award

Simply nominate a non-profit using the box below. We'll pick one winner on March 1st. We'll then work with that organization to deliver first class design or branding work. Examples could include:

  • Event invitations for an annual fundraiser
  • Repeatable email templates
  • Donation landing page templates
  • Thank you gifts for donors or volunteers

Here's how to give your organization the best chance to win:

  • Enter the organization's name you'd like to nominate 
  • Each additional action you take will increase your chances to win (tweet to us, join our email list, etc.)
  • Use the unique share link to send more people to vote. Each person who follows your link to vote will earn you extra points.
  • Come back to this page each day this month to earn additional entries
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