We recently turned two years old. Far from terrible, and certainly more stable than toddling, here are 7 lessons learned over 731 days in business. 

We bring it best against an insane deadline.

For the Chicago Cubs and States of Matter alike, there is motivational glory in having your back against the wall. For instance, the PlayFab rebrand for the 2016 Game Developers Conference. All of that work was done in under four months. 

Assholes are assholes.

You know your business. We know ours. It's probably not going to work out between us if you second-guess everything we do before we sign a scope of work.  

Hire sloooowly.

We lost a good one, and still seek his replacement for our Writergist position. On a small team, it's important to be patient and hire for "One of Us" — Someone who's kind, ambitious, conceptual, resourceful and unafraid to cook lunch for a picky team. 

The biz of our business.

Utilization, cash flow, Net 30, margins and KPIs. Just being good at what we do isn't good enough. You have to pay attention to the operational details. 

First names first.

We are nothing without our relationships, and enjoy the ride with our clients Alissa, Amanda, Andrea, Brandon, Chris, James, Jeff, John, Kim, Rebecca, Riley, Sam, Scott, Tim, Whitney and Zack. 

Oomph all around.

One of the most satisfying projects was donating our time to Yoga Behind Bars, our 2016 Oomph Award winner. The joy of giving work to a deserving client reminded us of why we do this in the first place. YBB recently took first place for non-profits at SVP's Fast Pitch event. 

Try. And then try some more.

Net Brand EffectBrand definitions. What's In a Name? We might be all over the map with our content. Or we just might crack open this branding game. More content to come to help demystify the branding process. 

Britt Stromberg

Strategy Director

Britt Stromberg is the Co-Founder of States of Matter and our Director of Strategy. When you put your business and brand in her hands, she will think crazy carefully, listen to her gut, sleep on it—then do the research to be certain.

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