At States of Matter, we’re a versatile crew. Our quirks, strengths, skills and yes, even our weaknesses, are what make us such a formidable branding team. If you ask us, we’ll tell you.

We’re smart, we’re clever, we’re a little kooky.

For brands, we weave stories through design, words, research and strategy. After turning our Audience Clarity work on ourselves, we learned that many of our clients would like more insight into the team they work with.

For this exercise, we have chosen to explore our traits through Dungeon and Dragons personalities.

Want to know the team you are working with? We are a deliciously strange bunch that possess an incredible diversity in talents. Our proficiencies span the scope of extreme precision, to otherworldly insights with varying levels of dexterity and resilience.

Tune in each week to meet a DnD version of one our team members.