The bard is a master of song and speech, and the magic they contain. Bards support and create charms and illusions to aid rather than destroy, and they have a wide range of talents and natural aptitude. They rarely settle in one place for long and always desire to tell new stories, discover new horizons, and even assume heroic roles themselves. Bards thrive on stories, whether they are true or not—the stories they weave become reality in the telling.

Stats range from 1-20, the higher the better and determine how well you will fare in certain situations. Britt's charisma is inescapable, but her dexterity is impressive, too.

Dnd Character Stats Britt

Primary abilities:

Charisma – Britt is alluring and magnetic. She will draw you in and motivate you to think differently about the world.

Special ability:

Bardic Inspiration – Britt inspires others through stirring words and music.

Saving throws:

Dexterity – An artist and an expert, Britt brings readiness to every situation.

Dnd Character Portrait Britt

Britt is a master storyteller and full of inspiration. She is outgoing and optimistic, and always looks for the positives in a situation. She trusts her gut, never shuts doors on unusual opportunities or ideas, and provides others with the confidence to pursue their strengths and be themselves. 

She has quirky taste and loves to seize on unexpected paths to success. Britt makes others look good not by spinning bullshit but by focusing on strengths and drawing out their best—she is your biggest fan! The reality she observes and describes becomes truth as she imbues narratives with meaning and life.

Dark Secret

Britt is a balletomane and, to no one’s surprise, is a graceful dancer. She also has an alter-ego, Phoebe Charlemagne, who surfaces when Britt's inhibitions drop.  

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