A phrase we often toss around at States of Matter is “forest for the trees.” As outsider partners, helping clients step back to better understand their brands is our forte. Think an educational air balloon ride over the forest as opposed to hacking down the woods. 

The brand work we do allows our clients to reach the next level with their business challenge. Between killer strategy and top-notch design, we deliver the tools to help companies not only differentiate but rise above competitors throughout these important times. One way to help your company achieve audience clarity is through one of our structured work sessions.

Whether your company is launching a new product, growing a segment or repositioning to tackle a new phase of growth, a facilitated group session can help you reach your goals faster. Our sessions are designed to help you step back, gather insights and reach an “aha" — all in matter of a few hours.

The Eureka moment can happen at our house or yours. A work session in our Pioneer Square studio offers your team a chance to step outside your office, and your comfort zone. Work sessions are typically booked in four-hour blocks. We've led dozens of these and know how to best facilitate the conversation for maximum productivity. And don’t worry, we include snacks and lunch to keep the crew happy and momentum flowing. 

“But will it work for our company?” you ask.

It will. Here's some proof... 

We recently hosted a client for an Audience Clarity work session to help them detail out three new customer segments that would set up a better position for the brand's evolution. 

The work session was a slam dunk for the following reasons:

  • We did homework in shaping the discussion based on their existing quantitative data about past customers and potential new segmentation.
  • We had all key stakeholders actively engaged in the work session—VP of the brand, head of product, marketing director, design director and research analyst. 
  • We used the time together to talk about what each segment looks like (literally—we found pictures of each group to give a face to each segment), then we broke out an overview of each segment’s lifestyle, what they wanted from the product, how they related to each other and what value propositions would resonate most.
  • We had a safe word to keep the discussion focused.  
  • We focused on framing the discussion so they could use insights to later present recommendations to the CEO. 
Clarity Ws Collage

At the end of the session, we yielded:

  • Three new segments that set up the brand for future growth through customer retention and expansion.
  • Data and insights organized in a comfortable format for our client to share with their internal teams.
  • New segment names that will be used for product development, marketing and distribution channel strategy.
  • Details about each segment's life that can be validated with future qualitative research. 

While our client understands the woods (as they have been playing in them the longest), we were able to help them step back and fully understand the new dynamics impacting the forest. Our work session set up a detailed framework to better serve their customers. 

If you need direction like this and have a tight timeline and/or budget, let's talk. Audience Clarity work sessions are a quick and effective tool to gather core insights for your brand. Shoot us an email and we’ll book your session—and order lunch.