What exactly is branding? It's impossible to find one solid answer, which is why we put on our detective hats and scoured the interwebs to find the 52 all-time greatest definitions of brand.

You'll hear from business leaders (of course), but also superheroes, politicians, athletes, movie stars and a wide mix of interesting characters. 

We'll be releasing four new quotes each week, over the next 13 weeks, just to keep you in suspense for as long as we can. 


Week 1 - Greatest Definitions of Branding

Brand Definitions #1-4: Special Superhero Edition 

Superheroes walk a long and lonely road. While they are admired for their ability to rescue, they face constant criticism for the methods they use, their perceived motivations, and a never ending list of new competition.

There's much we can learn from these four superheroes who have elevated their personal brands above the noise. 

Week 2 - Greatest Definitions of Branding

Brand Definitions #5-8: The B-Group of A-Listers

What do Steve Martin, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, and Jane Lauder all have in common? On the surface, perhaps not much. But when you get them together talking about brand, they offer a uniquely comprehensive look at the definition.

We're calling this the B-Group category, paying homage to the brains, beauty, brawn, and bravado exhibited by our A-List friends. 

Week 3 - Greatest Definitions of Branding

Brand Definitions #9-12: It's All About the Labels

You see it from across the room. It catches your eye in a retail setting, standing out from the rest. Labels have this power over us. They are magnetic. We're drawn in and unable to look away.

There's much to be learned about brand from those who have mastered the force of the label. Here's four of our all-time favorites. 

Week 4 Greatest Definitions of Brand

Brand Definitions #13-16: The Business Tycoons

Sure, successful businesses end up with powerful brands. But what specific role does branding play in helping companies reach Fortune 500 status?

To better understand the relationship between branding and business, we turned to four entrepreneurial tycoons. Here's how they define branding...

Week 5 - Definition of Branding

Brand Definitions #17-20: The Presidential Candidates

When Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz get together to talk branding, things tend to get a bit heated. Opinions and accusations fly freely, and it can be hard for the average bystander to make sense of it all.

We break it all down...

Week 6 - Branding Definitions from Celebrities

Brand Definitions #21-24: So On Fleek

Four bright lights who go where their instincts and passions take them - fearlessly. All possess a burning desire stoked by ambition and the courage to do, say and build what others only dream of. 

Here's what they have to say about the definition of branding...

Week 7 Definitions of Branding from Famous Athletes

Brand Definitions #25-28: The Athletes

Their drive and passion set them apart. Every obstacle is an opportunity to succeed, every limit a challenge to be overcome. They will stop at nothing to reach their goals, and we worship them for it.

Their quiet perspectives are beacons of clarity and wisdom in the flurry of media frenzy. Here are our favorite quotes from four of the most dedicated and well-respected figures in the sporting world today.

Week 8 - Definitions of Branding from Famous Inventors

Brand Definitions #29-32: The Inventors

A true inventor doesn’t just patch up a gap. No, they create something new, unexpected and delightful, going beyond the bare minimum and exploring new frontiers and possibilities. 

Their pioneering paths into the unknown paved the way for future inventors to follow and push even further. Here are our favorite quotes from some of the world’s most innovative minds: Tinker Hatfield, Jonathan Ive, Frank Gehry, and Grace Hopper.

Week 9 greatest definitions of brand

Brand Definitions #33-36: The Introspectors 

The world needs introspection. The ability to stop, dwell on a moment and conceive of a thought that propels us forward into a new definition of reality. Introspectors can be shown a wheel, the most basic of human technology, and turn it into a piece of nostalgia so powerful it brings us to tears. 

They remind us of the why, whenever we get too caught up on the what or the how. Their simple realignments often become the catalyst to meaningful change. Here's what your brand can learn from four of the most well known introspectors...

Week 10 - Greatest definitions of brand

Brand Definitions #37-40: The Comedians

Have you got a voice and a point of view? Great - then find a stage and use it! This is the mentality of our comedic friends. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, their ability to draw crowd and willingness to look foolish gives them license to confront the tough topics which are typically off-limits for the rest of us.

Here's how they define branding...

Week 11 - Greatest Definitions of Branding

Brand Definitions #41-44: To Lead You First Must Conquer

Great leaders are revered. Some of them have legacies which live on for thousands of years after their death. This kind of leadership doesn't come to the faint of heart. No, this level of authority is reserved for the conquerors. Those who, with great strength and unwavering vision, break down walls and unify ideas, people and nations. 

Here's how four of the greatest conquerors define branding...

Week 12 - Greatest definitions of branding

Brand Definitions #45-48: The Gamers

Games are in our DNA, and in recent years we have witnessed the gamification of everything from watching TV to grocery store shopping. Humans have a desire to play, and this impulse has given rise to the modern gamer: a figure a with keen appreciation for the delight that comes from unraveling a story and solving a puzzle.

Here is our take on some of the biggest names in the game industry today.

Week 13 Greatest definition of brang

Brand Definitions #49-52: Through It All, Don't Forget to Laugh

Does a brand simply become who they are over time or do they grow into and discover their identity by how they respond to challenges? Gain clarity on the answer to that question by learning from our four comedians, who, through it all, have found a way to see the silver lining (and turn it into a tin foil hat when appropriate).