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Hand-bound book maker turned digital storyteller. Let's play in the space between digital and analogue, choosing the right words to share your best narrative.

At a glance


  • Discipline: Content Creation and Curation
  • My 10,000 hours: Running, Polaroids, Reading
  • My 3 words: Optimistic, Loyal, Tenacious
  • Retrospective: 1 Agency, 1 Businesses Owned, 2 Non-Profits
  • Industry expertise: Food & Beverage, Startups, Arts, Non-Profits

Capturing the Characters of my Everyday Life

Over half a lifetime in the making, my Polaroid portrait collection continually grows and rides shotgun with me on my life adventure. What started as a result of finding a camera in my parents basement has grown into a very, expensive (but entirely worth every penny) vice. 

My portraits have captured many of the people who have crossed my path. From friends, to family, to internet dates, no face is safe. Follow CastingForRealLife on Instagram. Who knows. Maybe your face will appear in my rolodex of real-life faces.

Work & Words

Nobody says it better