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I want to sit across from you and hear your story. Together we set a course and I fight to make sure we arrive. As your strategic advisor, you have full access to the blueprints of my past mistakes and successes.

At a glance


  • Discipline: Business Strategy
  • My 10,000 hours: Ballet, Yoga
  • My 3 words: Warm, Wise Counsel, Unashamed
  • Retrospective: 2 Agencies, 2 Businesses Owned, 2 Startups
  • Industry expertise: Advertising, Arts, eCommerce Retail, Education, Tech

And I sketch...

I feel vulnerable sharing my notebooks because I'm a private person and they're a glimpse into raw, unfiltered Britt. They're how I experience and work through everything I do. I have crates of journals dating back to elementary school. Alas, raw, unfiltered is what I ask of working together so here goes, starting from the upper left and clockwise...

July 5 1/2: This was my Fellini phase, notebook dating circa 1998. Nights of Cabiria is one of my favorite movies and I marvel at the relationship between Fellini and his wife and muse, Guilietta Masina. Despite fighting like territorial raccoons on occasion, they brought out the best in each other, which great partnerships do. Coincidentally, my daughter was born 5 years later on this very date. 

Simple: I like to draw out key concepts from business books so that I remember them. This one was from Good to Great, the formula for identifying your "hedgehog." 

Stick-figure asanas: I went through a phase where I drew out the sequences to all of my home yoga practices. I have 2 notebooks filled with these, along with detailed notes on how they made me feel, ways to refine the movements, as well as menus of what I ate each day. I pity the soul who has to sort through my notebooks when I slough off this mortal coil. Perhaps I'll become the Emily Dickinson of yoga. 

Landscape, St. David's, Wales: In 2000, I traveled through the U.K., Scandinavia and Western Europe with my husband. I learned on this trip that I need wide open wild spaces, decadent food, wine, hash-laced cigarettes and art museums to recharge. Maybe not the cigarettes these days. 

Lighthouse at Benson Beach, WA: I made this drawing in about 2 minutes standing on the beach in a fierce February windstorm. It reminds me to stop thinking and just do. There is beauty in ease. 

Work & Words

Nobody says it better